Brotherhood is LOVE. Cousins are like BROTHERS. Friends are chosen FAMILY.

REDVANLY is a modern-day tale of two young guys’ bootstrap grind, family and friends hustle to build a brand and New Age family business that had more than relevancy. It was born from heart, soul, ambition, vision and passion for sport. Andrew, a hockey player, played team sports through his collegiate career. Shortly after graduation, he found himself on the court or links, with every spare moment he had. It was then he conceived the idea for a premier active wear brand, intended for those competing inside of the individual sports categories. 

Soon after, he left his job at a prestigious sports talent agency to go back to caddying to pursue his dreams and to start REDVANLY. Before long, his pharmaceutical sales rep cousin, David, became the brand's sole investor while also leading sales going from doctors' offices to golf shops. They built the company from scratch, fueled by the desire to conceptualize a brand for athletes, which was actualized by athletes. 

Belief and passion remain the cousins', and now brothers' and friends' driving force to drop everything, bootstrap a brand from scratch and truly achieve their goals.


Andrew Redvanly


Andrew's passion for sport has been there since the beginning. After completing his collegiate hockey career, he found himself competing on the course and court and started to dream up the idea of creating a premier active wear brand built for individual athletes. Today, Andrew oversees the design, product development, and day-to-day operations. 


CO-FOUNDER & Head of Sales

Dave, first cousin to Andrew and Eric, always shared a close friendship. After his collegiate rugby career ended he found himself leading the nation in pharmaceutical sales. The transition to heading sales for REDVANLY was the perfect storm for one with such a passion for sport and knack for selling.



Eric, brother of Andrew, and also former hockey player,  took his talents in a different direction. After graduating from The French Culinary Institute in New York City, he found himself in the kitchen of Bobby Flay's Bar Americain. It wasn't too long until his presence was needed at REDVANLY. As the brand started to grow, Eric joined his brother and cousin full-time to head operations. 


Andrew’s vision, to create and launch a premier active wear brand, was dreamt in 2012 while working at sports talent agency, GERSH. Corporate stability proved too time-consuming for the pursuits of his entrepreneurial endeavor, so Andrew quit, silencing fear and criticism. He coupled his income by caddying. All his free time, day and night, were spent developing the brand concept and the inaugural collection, an experimental capsule, with four mens’ styles.


The REDVANLY requirement is to nurture consumers’ athletic nature, honor their core commitment to sports, passion for high-level performance, and design unparalleled product aimed to enhance personal discovery with ultra-comfortable pieces that are created to compete.

The bond of the REDVANLY team extends to the responsibility and dedication to the product. Behind each garment is a family discussion whether over grilling, or a walk between holes. Design ideas spark over a tennis match and late nights are spent making joint decisions in company growth and product development.


The brand continues to disrupt the individual sports industry, introducing the first-ever pull-on golf short and pant, changing the historical silhouette. Now, present in over 500 worldwide stockists, REDVANLY is showing the power of pursuit, the honesty of hustle and the formidable nature a friends and family operation reaps.


Close friend of Andrew, Sean is the money guy. He makes sure we stay afloat, grow responsibly and make the right financial decisions.

PETE KEELING // Chief of Content

Pete is one of Dave's longest friends. He shoots all of our content and is the creative mind behind the scene.


Milly is one of the two females in the office who keeps the guys in check. She also can sell Ketchup to Heinz so we have her oversee the majority of our wholesale business.


We've been on this journey together since day one. Andrew had the vision for our brand but we did it with the help of our friends and family who came together to support something that they all believed in. Follow us throughout the years below.