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REDVANLY family,

Welcome to The Contenders - a community of REDVANLY ambassadors who are here to compete, motivate and achieve with like-minded and driven individuals. Apply to join us today.

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The Contenders is a community with perspective and vision to pursue and uphold a mission which is grounded in chosen family, respect, hustle, ambition. soul and passion for sport. The Contenders are an extension of Team REDVANLY who appreciate and recognize the crucial component of the brand - to conceptualize a brand for athletes, and to nurture their consumers' athletic nature by offering unparalleled product(s) designed to perform, and therefore compete. The Contenders will work intimately with Team REDVANLY to represent our brand through mission-building, social promotion and community engagement. All interaction will be reflective of our core values, and the continued commitment to be the second skin for our consumers.

What's it take to be a Redvanly Contender?

Our Contenders are fierce, driven, actionable and goal-oriented. They believe in the power, dedication and ability of the mind as much as they do the body. Their lifestyle celebrates pursuit and success, but not to the detriment of enjoyment. They prioritize progress - in their professional and personal lives, as well as beyond themselves; they're guided by their principles, and do not shy at an uphill battle. The Contenders are the muses of REDVANLY.

What's in it for our Contenders?

REDVANLY Contenders will have premier access to new product and collection drops. They will be privy to exclusive discounts and a reward structure as well as have intimate access to the founders.

Apply to join us today.